Over the past years I produced many performances for  Supperclub Restaurant, Fontys Fremdkörper, Amsterdam Diner and Business-to-Business events. Some of this work stayed on our playlist and can still be hired for plug and play or inspire for new assignments. Please contact us. 

Cruel Beauty

Is a choreography for three dancers and sometimes one vocalist. Inspired by the work of famous fashion icons we combined flashy dancing with a playful mix of punk nonsense text and visuals.


Dangerous kittens spice up the runway in a combination of ballet and Vogue dance.

Forbidden Fruit

As if walking out of a futurist space shuttle returning to earth, these ancient Greco/Roman dressed dancers, share their love while handing out cherries or other forbidden fruits of the season.


Gisela and her friends are inspired by the lost characters of an abandoned fair (Spree Park Berlin). They are like the dolls you forgot to play with as a child. Their eyes are questioning your behavior and the moment.

Random Blessings

The mindful blessings of a yogi is asking you to pay attention to the food on your plate and the moment you are in. The dancers move together and ask the crowd to join in their circle.

Song to the Siren

A solo of introspection to the iconic song of This Mortal Coil

Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

A choreography for five anonymous figures moving in unisono.
Vocals by: Anne Fay Kops
Choreography: Lina Limosani

Twisted Showgirls

Cheeky and incognito, corona safe and sexy.
They have a fetish for everything shiny and glittery, so beware of your belongings.