Iconic*Stories develops an ongoing community art project in response to the 20 year anniversary of same-sex marriages in the Netherlands (2001-2021).

This multi disciplinary project questions and investigates how the romantic marriage ritual is shaped in the context of the LGBTQI+ community and how value has been added in the past twenty years.


New Collection Narratives

Op 23 maart filmen we een ‘New Collection Narratives’ in het Amsterdam museum waar Iconic*stories uitgenodigd worden om te praten over het jubileum. Tijdens de

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In 2020 we starting filming our ‘Stories of love, marriage and other queer unions’ in OBA studio and at  Shakespeare Club | Amsterdam Museum.

During Pride 2021 (last summer) we added nine wonderful and precious documents, filmed in our ‘wedding boat’, to our oral archive of queer histories. They can be admired and experienced (with visual art, sound and performance projections) in our Pavilion. You are always welcome to add your own story to the  narrative. Check our event page on facebook : IconicStories.

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

OBA Mercatorplein 103 
november 26 – January 17
opening hours Tu – Sat 09:30–17:00

OBA Slotermeer:
January – February 2022

OBA Javaplein:
May – June 2022

OBA Oosterdok | centrum:
July – august 2022

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Shorts excerpts of the conversations about marriage rituals and related topics such as: coming out, (non-)binary identity, rainbow families and queer love in all of its colorful manifestations. 

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Sylvie Huysman and Emma Hanekroot about coming out and gender perspectives (Amsterdam Pride, 2021)

... I really enjoy being married … Something I didn’t expect. A lot of stability and peace came in my life … I started living in a more constructive manner.

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Gene Hewitt & Ernst Evenhuis got married on december 31, 2019.

... Here am I … incomplete … imperfect… every now and then I’m an asshole… but quite often I’m sweet as well … but so are you… and this is how we all are…but here I am… in all my vulnerability … and I want to give myself to you… do you accept me? Cause I will accept you like this. Do want to go on this journey with me?’

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Stephanie and Rowan de Wit – Kok got married on may 21, 2019. Here , they are celebrating their marriage and the reflection of their love: Indie Mae.

...If someone doesn’t accept you, it’s their loss. The same with family, you can create your own family… I made my own family…

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Levi van Hoorn & Geeske Looy got married in june 2021. On a super hot day.

... Ik vind het heel belangrijk om te delen dat je echt voor jezelf moet kiezen. Jij moet gelukkig zijn...

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Fred Verdult & Perry Dossett got married on June 21, 2019 (photo Marjolein Annegarn).

... I wondered what people would think of it … But as it was happening, I was convinced: Why not? Why not being this visible?

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Kyle Patrick and Pjotr got married on september 15,  2017.

... it became clear to me that I was enough by means of my reactions. The choices that I made started in myself.

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Jeroen Zellenrath & Marc van Loon about coming out and finding love (Amsterdam Pride, 2021)

Even in the gay scene there are many demands before you get accepted. This is why this feeling of not fully being accepted stays with you for a long time

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Rebecca Collins & Wolf Govaerts about gender, (self)love and marriage from a queer perspective (Amsterdam Pride, 2021)

We fight for equality but equity is even more important.

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Reverso about self-transformation as an act of love (Amsterdam Pride, 2021)

... nobody can complete you darling, but yourself. Period.

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Marinka da Fonseca & Lot Madelein got married on may 13, 2015  (photo: Arenda de Hoop)

‘… married with a celtic handfast ceremony...’

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Siep de Haan & Peter Kramer got married on july 14, 2018

'... Siep and Herman, founding fathers of Canal Pride, married in style. The script of their wedding was very well elaborated...'

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Johan and Sanjay Ganpat Brouwer got married on October 15, 2013

' After Sanjays' passing, Johan became responsible for the legacy of their shared work with Foundation Sanjay Ganpat Brouwer.

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Valeriia Tomson and Ulyana Ratnikova are awaiting an asylum procedure in the Netherlands to get their love acknowledged.

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Boris Dittrich (senator parliament D’66, Human Rights Watch, writer) in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020

‘… eigenlijk heeft het te maken met het vieren van het leven en zelf de regie over je eigen leven hebben…’

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Janne Mooij en Marian Emmen in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020

Janne and Marian got married on the 14th of June, 2014

‘…Dit is echt een hele belangrijke emancipatievorm. Net zoals de mensen het recht krijgen om te stemmen. In dat opzicht zie ik het wel als iets belangrijks…’

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Serdar Manavoglu (Producer at Paradiso/ Stichting Pera: De Turkse Boot, Pink Istanbul, Shugah) in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020

‘alle vormen van dwang en sturing waar je je ongemakkelijk bij voelt. Of een uiting die niet de jouwe is. Dat hoef je allemaal niet te doen.'

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Martijn Kamphorst (Winq Magazine)  in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020


‘… misschien moeten we het eerst even hebben over de term ‘homohuwelijk’ … ’ dat is natuurlijk een problematische term…’

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Roy Driessen en Denis Deniz in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020

Roy and Denis got married at a rave on the 1st of march, 2020

‘ …we celebrated our love but it was 10 times more important to celebrate the love of everybody…’

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Herman Bosveld en Ad Vos in conversation with Mounir Samuel dd 18|06|2020

Herman and Ad got married on the 26th of June, 2001

‘Ik heb altijd iets gehad van: ik ben een volwaardig burger en heb recht op een volwaardig huwelijk.’